Quick Install

You can use pip to install PaddlePaddle with a single command, supports CentOS 6 above, Ubuntu 14.04 above or MacOS 10.12, with Python 2.7 installed. Simply run the following command to install:

pip install paddlepaddle

If you need to install GPU version, run:

pip install paddlepaddle-gpu

For more details about installation and build:

Quick Start

Create a new file called, and paste this Python code:

import paddle.v2 as paddle

# Initialize PaddlePaddle.
paddle.init(use_gpu=False, trainer_count=1)

# Configure the neural network.
x ='x', type=paddle.data_type.dense_vector(13))
y_predict = paddle.layer.fc(input=x, size=1, act=paddle.activation.Linear())

# Infer using provided test data.
probs = paddle.infer(
    input=[item for item in paddle.dataset.uci_housing.test()()])

for i in xrange(len(probs)):
    print 'Predicted price: ${:,.2f}'.format(probs[i][0] * 1000)

Run python and voila! It should print out a list of predictions for the test housing data.