Use different clusters

The user’s cluster environment is not the same. To facilitate everyone’s deployment, we provide a variety of cluster deployment methods to facilitate the submission of cluster training tasks, which will be introduced as follows:

Kubernetes is a scheduling framework of Google open source container cluster, supporting a complete cluster solution for large-scale cluster production environment. The following guidelines show PaddlePaddle’s support for Kubernetes:

OpenMPI is a mature high-performance parallel computing framework, which is widely used in the field of HPC. The following guide describes how to use OpenMPI to build PaddlePaddle’s cluster training task:

Fabric is a convenient tool for program deployment and management. We provide a way to deploy and manage with Fabric. If you want to know more about it, please read the following guidelines:

We also support the deployment of PaddlePaddle on AWS. Learn more about:

The examples can be found under cluster_train_v2 .