Rounding test of Mobilenet(1.0, 224 * 224 input) on flowers102 dataset.

Model Rounding Without BN Pruning modelSize(gzip) Accuracy Download
Mobilenet 12M 97.16% download
Mobilenet 3.2M 97.05% download
Mobilenet 4.4M 96.96% download
Mobilenet 2.3M 96.7% download
Mobilenet 12M 97.16% download
Mobilenet 3.0M 96.96% download


Given floating parameters V, first our goal is to represent V as 8-bit integers V'. And then we transformed back V' back into its approximate high-precision value by performing the inverse of the quantization operation. At last, we perform gzip to our quantized && inverse-quantized model. The whole process can reduces our model by 70%.


  • First, we use UInt8 quantization, that is, the parameters are sacled to [0, 255]

  • Second, we inverse the quantization.

In the last, We apply gzip to compress the inverse-quantized model, and the compression ratio can be up to 70%.