Debian Package installation guide

PaddlePaddle supports deb pacakge. The installation of this deb package is tested in ubuntu 14.04, but it should be support other debian based linux, too.

There are four versions of debian package, cpu, gpu, cpu-noavx, gpu-noavx. And noavx version is used to support CPU which does not contain AVX instructions. The download url of deb package is :

After downloading PaddlePaddle deb packages, you can use gdebi install.

gdebi paddle-*.deb

If gdebi is not installed, you can use sudo apt-get install gdebi to install it.

Or you can use following commands to install PaddlePaddle.

dpkg -i paddle-*.deb
apt-get install -f

And if you use GPU version deb package, you need to install CUDA toolkit and cuDNN, and set related environment variables(such as LD_LIBRARY_PATH) first. It is normal when dpkg -i get errors. apt-get install -f will continue install paddle, and install dependences.